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At Purely Wood Fired we specialise in creating the authentic pizza, cooked the proper way in our wood fired ovens, which can be set up almost anywhere.

You can either hire our van which is completely self sufficient or our mobile oven which is set up within a gazebo.

Our pizzas are made fresh, to order so you can actually see your pizza being made. With our ovens reaching temperatures of over 400 degrees, once the pizza is in the oven, it takes little over two minutes to cook, and we can fit up to 6 pizzas in our oven at any one time.

The ingredients we use, are where possible sourced locally, and some are even home grown. We only use the very best suppliers that produce the freshest and finest ingredients possible.

We are very passionate and proud about our values, we are completely self sufficient, we have a solar panel on our roof which generates our electricity, the wood we use is sourced from well managed, sustainable forests, we use environmentally friendly packaging and we recycle all paper, plastic and glass.

All our staff are fully trained and qualified in food hygiene and we are registered and inspected with our local authority.

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07918 697362

Handmade pizza, cooked in our wood fired pizza van